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Lean Warehousing Is the Only Way to Stay Competitive in the Industry 4.0 Era - Here’s Why

What to expect: Discover the steps to creating a lean warehouse, like building a lean culture among warehouse workers, writing effective SOPs, going on...

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6 Tips To Write Efficient SOPs

Squeeze the Most Out of Your Sops Documentation Using Our Success Proofed Writing Tips: Effective work instructions should not be taken for granted. They...

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write effective work instructions

Simplified Technical English - a guide to write effective work instructions

To produce effective instructions for your warehouse workers, you should consider writing them in simple language. By doing so, you can make sure that...

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Speed up Your Business With SOPs

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are a step-by-step set of written instructions that help people learn how to fulfill complex routine tasks. Having SOPs in...

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blue-collar training situation with how.fm digital trainer

A personal SOP success story

The story of how I got into SOPs “How do other managers assure the how-to knowledge is all quickly passed on and accessible at...

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