Expert Consultation and Free Demo

Learn how how.fm can help you effectively train employees – in a language they understand.

In this 30-min free consultation, our training experts will:

  1. Understand your business needs
  2. Provide a custom walkthrough of how.fm

Additionally, we will chart the plan for:

  • Implementing best-in-class shop floor training
  • Reducing ramp-up times and costs
  • Increasing productivity and standardizing quality

You are in good company. Take a look.

Here’s what our customers are saying.

“Working with such creative and enthusiastic people is a pure pleasure. For the how.fm team there are no impossible things and the pursuit of satisfying all business needs of the client is just priceless. Impossible things are done right away, miracles in two days :)”

Pawel Pawłowicz
Area Manager
Volker Grzybowski

“With how.fm, we have found the right partner for scalable health and safety trainings, standards and efficiency gains across sites.”

Volker Grzybowski
Managing Director

“how.fm ensures a sustainable, interactive and above all standardized onboarding for all new employees. From day 1, we started in 3 languages. The competent and pleasant cooperation with the how.fm team amazes us every single time.”

André Stoffer

“how.fm has reformed our 'old-school' QM training by digitalizing 66 learning modules to date. Training our employees in their native language was especially helpful in peak times and was gratefully accepted by the employees! It saves our supervisors a lot of time, and it is a pleasure for us to train our employees and new colleagues with how.fm.”

Arne Berg
Warehouse Manager
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