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train the blue-collar trainer

Train the Blue-Collar Trainer

Trainer. Skills Trainer. Training Specialist. Learning Consultant. Regardless of the title, the role of a blue-collar trainer is vital. Trainers in the industry are essential.

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The Future is Blue

An entire sector of the global workforce exists en masse, yet few understand how it works. Blue-collar workers are the backbone of industrialization. We believe

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Welcome to the how.fm library. We are on a mission to revolutionize blue-collar training. So far, workers often have been trained with methods that have been evaluated for white-collar employees. That is not entirely wrong, but we are convinced that focussing on the real needs of employees will improve your training tremendously. Therefore, we invite you to join our journey on blue-collar training and get lots of information from experts straight out of the worker field. We will start by setting the scene on training and explain why we truly believe that an individual training strategy is essential for company success. There will be examples of role-model companies combined with a selection of tips and tricks. Furthermore, we will have expert interviews on various trends, like mindfulness or new recruiting methods, as well as a collection of must-read links from magazines and blogs. 

If you have something to share on the subject, drop us a line.