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5 Powerful Ways to Engage and Motivate Your Warehouse Workforce

Worker motivation is a quick fix to boosting productivity in your warehouse. Moreover, highly motivated employees are more likely to put in the required...

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Upskilling and reskilling your warehouse workforce

7 Ways to Upskill and Reskill Your Warehouse Workforce in 2021

Amazon aims to upskill 1/3rd of its US employees by 2025. Learn why upskilling and reskiling your warehouse workforce is the key to survival.

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Digital Health and Safety Training Whitepaper

Whitepaper - How Digital Health and Safety Training Can Help Warehouses to Keep up With Industry 4.0

In this whitepaper, learn how digital health and safety training can lower labor costs and improve operations in your warehouse. Digital training solutions can...

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Lean Warehousing Is the Only Way to Stay Competitive in the Industry 4.0 Era - Here’s Why

What to expect: Discover the steps to creating a lean warehouse, like building a lean culture among warehouse workers, writing effective SOPs, going on...

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man in green t-shirt and blue denim jeans holding brown cardboard box

The Secrets to Successful Reverse Logistics Management for Your Warehouse

In this article, read about: The Value of Good Reverse Logistics Management Forward Logistics vs. Reverse Logistics  Amazon and Reverse Logistics Management in the...

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red fire extinguisher on green wall

Ultimate Guide to a Successful Fire Safety Training Strategy for Warehouses in 2021

Warehouse fires are a real threat to worker safety and significant financial liability for companies worldwide. Despite strict workplace fire regulations, fires cost businesses...

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quadcopter flying over body of water

15 Emerging Logistics and Supply Chain Trends in 2021

Logistics companies are stepping up with innovative strategies to respond to rapidly shifting ecommerce demands in 2021. From automated warehousing technology to last-mile delivery...

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woman in blue crew neck t-shirt standing beside gray metal bar

Social Sustainability in Warehouses – How to Prevent High Fluctuation?

Sustainability is an important topic for warehouses all over the world. Over the last 5 years, the e-commerce boom has skyrocketed demand for logistics...

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6 Tips To Write Efficient SOPs

Squeeze the Most Out of Your Sops Documentation Using Our Success Proofed Writing Tips: Effective work instructions should not be taken for granted. They...

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6 Popular Yet Effective Training Methods for Warehouse Workers 

No matter how much technology enters the factories, blue-collar workers still serve as the backbone of most businesses. Due to factors like seasonal changes...

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the impact of high employee turnover is a significant treat for companies

The Impact of a High Employee Turnover Rate in Logistics

Fifty-six percent of workers in blue-collar industries are at risk of quitting.  With the national unemployment rate at ~3.7%, the lowest in the last...

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How to get more female workers to overcome talent shortage

Only 20% of the blue-collar workforce are women. In times of low unemployment rates and thus, resulting in a significant talent shortage, it has never...

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forklift in a warehouse with tires

Proven Best Practices for Onboarding Warehouse Workers in 2021 (+ Free Onboarding Template)

Last Updated on 4 August 2021 Download the Onboarding Template 2021 below. After navigating the process to recruit talented blue-collar workers for your site,...

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Occupational health and safety: Warehouse safety in a modern era

Occupational health and safety (OHS) is a world-wide challenge covering warehouse safety, risk mitigation, and occupational health and wellness charters. OHS is more than ensuring...

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TWI expert Susanne Svenningen

Expert Interview: How to adapt training within industry (TWI) to my company needs

Let’s talk with Susanne Svenningsen from Siemens Gamesa. Listen to her interview about Training Within Industry: Training within industry (TWI) is a training method...

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The TOP 5 failures in logistics training

Having proper training in place is crucial to have productive employees. But as a #kaizen company, we believe in continuous improvement. And we believe in...

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onboarding and training during covid 19

How to future-proof your warehouse during the ‘in between’

It goes without saying that most, if not all, families have been negatively affected by this crisis. But what about your work family?  How...

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Simplified Technical English - A Brief Guide to Writing Effective Work Instructions (With Free Guide)

"Don't use the same word once as a verb and once as an adjective, for example, the word 'close' is okay as a verb...

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helps the delivery man be prepared for his daily routine

Attract and integrate new warehouse worker - 5 tips

When hiring new employees, there are many challenges which you will face throughout the whole process until the worker becomes fully integrated into your...

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The only time more is actually less (and a good thing!), or: Lean + Six Sigma

The following contribution to the already extensive body of knowledge associated with Lean Six Sigma endeavors to look at those areas where both Lean,...

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Language matters: How to ensure your warehouse workers understand your instructions

Is your company, like many others, facing difficulties related to an increasingly diverse workforce with employees from different countries? You are not alone, since...

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Six Sigma: 6 methodologies you can start implementing today

Despite similarities to network design and project management models born of the 1950s as well as those from decades earlier (think Toyota Production System...

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How To Have a Safe Training and Onboarding Process During COVID-19

Amidst the global pandemic of COVID-19, many, if not most, factories, manufacturers, and processing facilities have been deemed “essential” businesses. Logistics companies, in particular,...

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Efficient Onboarding for Temporary Warehouse Workers

The temporary workforce is on the rise. Roughly 900,000 temporary workers were employed in Germany in 2019. This accounted to 2.3 per cent of...

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