About how.fm

The training and performance support platform for manual workers

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Best-in-class training process in no time

Adaptable, interactive, multi-language, video-based training for a new generation of workers across industries.

Founded in 2018 and launched in 2019 our company provides a training and performance support platform for customers with manual operations.

Transforming how manual workers are onboarded, trained, and upskilled

With a remote-first team and headquarters in Cologne, Germany, we are building technology to pioneer a new era of training and performance support in mission-critical operations across the world.

We serve enterprise customers in logistics, manufacturing, and beyond to transform how manual workers are onboarded, trained, and upskilled. 

Our platform provides high-volume training solutions for workers speaking any language based on easily documented and updated standards across sites, ensuring safety and compliance as well as quality and continuous improvement.

Today, primarily empowering the multinational deskless workforce in warehouse operations and production lines across the world.

Fast-growing startup on a mission

Proven and venture-backed startup with a driven team putting customers first

Modern and rock-solid technology

Enterprise-ready fully hosted software-as-a-service platform in the cloud

Covering all your needs, today and tomorrow

Continuously growing product footprint, template content library, and services

We take best care of you and your sites world-wide

International account management and user support