Behind the scenes

On a mission to revolutionize manual skills training

About us

We are a startup established in January 2018 with its headquarters in Cologne, Germany.
Working with us, following your passion, you have the unique opportunity to work at the pioneering forefront of a new era of skills training.

Our vision

To democratize professional expertise and empower all humankind, we are building a superhuman digital coach for manual skills training.

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Our product

While our digital trainer is mostly used on mobile today, following augmented reality adoption, we will work towards a personal coach you can summon as a hologram.

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Our focus

We serve organizations of any size that run on standardized work procedures involving manual work. Right now, empowering the deskless workforce of customers in industries such as retail, logistics, and beyond.

In the future, that might include anyone looking for professional help in mission-critical tasks, even beyond the workplace.

Our Story

Andreas and Farhoud are old friends that have been studying and working together at four companies while they met the rest of the founding team along the way.

Once we founded in January 2018, we started forming the founding team and spent months in researching what the ideal product should be.

We went on to complete several pilot projects with trainees and temp workers across different industries. To learn more about their job and work procedures, and how they learn and grow.

Today, our team is growing to become the engine that powers blue-collar skills training.

We are excited to hear from you if you would like to work with us!

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Our core values

We are humble and goal-oriented: there are a lot of things that we still don’t know, but we always want to know why we are working on a specific project.

We work with a lean approach on a path guided by the Kaizen philosophy. Make a plan, try it out early, fail, improve it and eliminate waste. We embrace change and adapt to when our mission and team need it.

We are always there for each other, like in a tribe, we know that together we are better.











Our open positions

Want to join our team and helps us in our endeavour to democratize professional expertise?
Take a look at our careers page for open vacancies!