Digital Health and Safety Training Whitepaper

Whitepaper - How Digital Health and Safety Training Can Help Warehouses to Keep up With Industry 4.0

In this whitepaper, learn how digital health and safety training can lower labor costs and improve operations in your warehouse. Digital training solutions can...

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red fire extinguisher on green wall

Ultimate Guide to a Successful Fire Safety Training Strategy for Warehouses in 2021

Warehouse fires are a real threat to worker safety and significant financial liability for companies worldwide. Despite strict workplace fire regulations, fires cost businesses...

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6 Tips To Write Efficient SOPs

Squeeze the Most Out of Your Sops Documentation Using Our Success Proofed Writing Tips: Effective work instructions should not be taken for granted. They...

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Simplified Technical English - A Brief Guide to Writing Effective Work Instructions (With Free Guide)

"Don't use the same word once as a verb and once as an adjective, for example, the word 'close' is okay as a verb...

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Language matters: How to ensure your warehouse workers understand your instructions

Is your company, like many others, facing difficulties related to an increasingly diverse workforce with employees from different countries? You are not alone, since...

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Let's talk about: how to use instructional design to take your training to the next level?

TOP TIPS FROM EXPERT CHRISTIANA DEHNEN Have your target group – the learner – in mind when creating the training Define your training goals...

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Speed up Your Business With SOPs

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are a step-by-step set of written instructions that help people learn how to fulfill complex routine tasks. Having SOPs in...

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blue-collar training situation with digital trainer

A personal SOP success story

The story of how I got into SOPs “How do other managers assure the how-to knowledge is all quickly passed on and accessible at...

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