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15 Emerging Logistics and Supply Chain Trends in 2021

Logistics companies are stepping up with innovative strategies to respond to rapidly shifting ecommerce demands in 2021. From automated warehousing technology to last-mile delivery solutions, here are the top 15 emerging trends in the supply chain logistics Industry you need to know in 2021.

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Social Sustainability in Warehouses – How to Prevent High Fluctuation?

Sustainability is an important topic for warehouses all over the world. Over the last 5 years, the e-commerce boom has skyrocketed demand for logistics...

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6 Tips To Write Efficient SOPs

Squeeze the Most Out of Your Sops Documentation Using Our Success Proofed Writing Tips: Effective work instructions should not be taken for granted. They...

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the impact of high employee turnover is a significant treat for companies

The Impact of a High Employee Turnover Rate in Logistics

Fifty-six percent of workers in blue-collar industries are at risk of quitting.  With the national unemployment rate at ~3.7%, the lowest in the last...

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forklift in a warehouse with tires

Best Practices for Warehouse Worker Onboarding

After navigating the process to recruit talented blue-collar workers for your site, you may be patting yourself on the back while thinking that you...

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helps the delivery man be prepared for his daily routine

Attract and integrate new warehouse worker - 5 tips

When hiring new employees, there are many challenges which you will face throughout the whole process until the worker becomes fully integrated into your...

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Six Sigma: 6 methodologies you can start implementing today

Despite similarities to network design and project management models born of the 1950s as well as those from decades earlier (think Toyota Production System...

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How To Get Lean After COVID-19

The below article endeavors to provide both warehouse team leads and site managers with an up-to-the-minute look at the current state of supply chain...

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lean philosophy

Why You Should Implement Lean Techniques Into Your Warehouse

After learning about the “human side of lean” aka. Training within industry as a leadership program, we would love to take a closer look...

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Job Description Trainer in Logistics

How To Recruit the Ideal Trainer for Your Warehouse Associates (With a Free Template)

Updated on 26 January 2021 In this article, read about:  The Value of a Good Job Description Qualities of a Good Trainer Experience Enthusiastic...

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