Automate Your Onboarding With Interactive Video Training

Get Your New Hires Up to Speed – Faster!

Onboarding warehouse workers
Engaged workforce
75% Increased Efficiency
Free up your senior personnel by automating onboarding and orientation
10,000+ Workers
Happily and effortlessly onboarded using
4 out of 5 New Hires
Feel prepared and have a better understanding of the job, thanks to remote onboarding!

With Automated Onboarding, You Can

  • Consistently deliver an outstanding onboarding experience in 30+ languages
  • Decrease costs, increase safety and compliance
  • Ensure that essential information is accurately presented
  • Cover all legal & standard orientation policies
  • Free up your senior employees’ time

This Empowers Your Warehouse Workforce to

  • Hit the ground running and deliver better work, faster
  • Get to know the company more in-depth
  • Review and understand what’s most important to them
  • Be more effective and engaged
  • Stay longer with a company as they see the direct value of their work 

You are in good company. Take a look.

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Ready to automate your warehouse worker onboarding?

Implementing best-in-class shop floor training

Reducing ramp-up times and costs

Increasing productivity and standardizing quality