How to Minimize Training Efforts & Maximize Productivity

Implementing Digital Training at Bohnen Logistik Site

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until the first Health & Safety training was available


German, Spanish, English, Romanian, Polish, and Russian; with many more to be added

Percent of the workforce

trained within just a few weeks after operations started — with greatly reduced efforts

Stars in Employee Satisfaction

On average, employees gave the training 9 out of 10 stars

Customer Voices

Leadership Team at Bohnen Logistik

"With how.fm, we have found the right partner for scalable health and safety trainings, standards and efficiency gains across sites."

Volker Grzybowski
Managing Director | Bohnen Logistik

The Challenges

In Their Worker Onboarding and Training Processes


For Bohnen Logistik, workplace safety is not merely a compliance topic; they care about their workers' safety as part of their company culture. Thanks to how.fm, keeping track of training is an easier task now.

High Volume Training Needs

Throughout the year, Bohnen Logistik has to train new team members from scratch in a short amount of time. Training enough new workers is one of the biggest challenges.

Extra Effort and Energy Drain

When setting up new operations, key personnel is needed everywhere. Spending hours on training new employees in standardized operating procedures can feel burdensome for supervisors.

Up-to-date Documentation

While always on the to-do list, refreshing and amending training material is not an easy task. So, when they started a new warehouse, Bohnen Logistik realized it was time for an update.

Case Study

Bohnen Logistik was originally looking to add supplemental training to their traditional worker training courses. They wanted to motivate their warehouse workers and empower them to learn the many rules and skills required in their operations. But as warehouse staff always consists of many nationalities working together, language in communications and training was often a barrier. 

They needed a digital training solution that could help them deliver secure and high-quality training around the clock. Implementing digital training means that their most experienced employees could now focus on urgent tasks at hand; thus, increasing overall productivity.

In June 2020, during the ramp-up phase, Bohnen Logistik started using how.fm’s training software in a first warehouse. From supporting occupational safety to training in optimized picking processes, they found the digital training solution they needed to onboard the new workers. 

Ever since, Bohnen Logistik has not only managed to cover important safety topics with their individual how.fm training, but also developed courses for theory and practical knowledge around warehouse worker jobs and activities. 

Now, together, we are working towards implementing work instructions for on-the-job training.

how.fm training couch at bohnen logiistik site

how.fm turned out to be a great success story for Bohnen Logistik. Apart from refreshing all their health and safety protocols and processes, now they can also easily update their standards and training manuals on their own — while having them translated within seconds at no extra cost. 

Bohnen Logistik has an amazing company culture, which reflects in their focus and dedication towards their employees. It is important to them that their workers also approve and like the digital training solution. 

Together, we integrated training and usability feedback right into the newly established process to continuously check their employee training satisfaction. For example, from the first go-live until today, we have seen a steadily increasing SUS score — now beyond 86 out of 100 points and counting.

Keeping in mind the busy environment of a warehouse, we have created a dedicated off-the-job training area with a comfortable couch and noise-cancelling headphones — a cozy place for warehouse workers to sit down and indulge in effective training. 

Next on our list is “work instructions” training: documenting crucial work instructions and developing courses for specific job positions on the shop floor. This brings us closer to empowering workers during the onboarding or re-training and ensuring smooth operations. 

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