Standardize Workflows Across Shifts And Sites

With work instructions, train your workforce more effectively

standardizing workflows
Engaged workforce
Easy Ramp Ups
Get more dependable output from better-trained employees; leading to faster and easier ramp-ups.
Improved Quality by 90%
With work instructions accessible on mobile or tablets, workers feel confident about the job they are doing – increasing operational quality by 90%.
Spike in Retention and Engagement
Properly onboarded and trained workers see value in their work, are more engaged, and stay 54% longer than their industry peers.

By Standardizing Workflow through Work Instructions, You Can

  • Train your workforce faster and hassle-free
  • Reduce your training periods by training multiple workers at the same time.
  • Eliminate inconsistencies with less supervision
  • Reskill and upskill your existing workforce to fill more job roles on your shop floor
work instructions by warehouse managers

This Empowers Your Warehouse Workers to

  • Understand workflows better
  • Retain knowledge through audio-video training modules
  • Access any information needed to do their job either on mobile or tablets
  • Learn in the language of their choice – with 30+ language options available
  • Upskill and define their career path within the organization

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Visual Work Instructions

Learn how to create compelling visual work instructions and deliver them to your warehouse workforce digitally and effectively.

Visual work instructions ebook

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