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To give everyone a fair chance to learn – no matter their background.

Our Vision

A world where everyone can apply all the world’s practical knowledge.

Our Mission

Train 1M deskless workers across the world – in their own language. Tribe

Meet our team of builders, thinkers, and scientists.


Special Projects

I dig deep in specific topics to get the best processes out of it and support the team implementing them.


Co-Founder & Product

Strategic thinker and a creative problem solver in love with software engineering.


Co-Founder & CEO

Collecting and polishing coins from investors and customers.


Product Engineer

With my fellow engineers I make sure that our product is always available and usable for everyone.


Product & Technical Project Manager

Managing technical projects in our engineering team & improving our platform to create a smooth training experience for our customers.

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NLP Specialist

Using NLP solutions, I improve our training experience and content creation.


Product Management

I gather the product input and implement it to make our product better.


Software Engineer

I craft our software(s).


Customer Success

I am responsible for the implementation of our product, as well as supporting our customers on their journey.


People Operations

I take care of people operations topics and accounting.


Head of People Operations

I equip our teams & talents to thrive by cultivating a happy & healthy work environment that fosters productivity as well as personal & professional development.



I convince new customers to let us improve and standardize their onboarding and training process of their shop floor workforce

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Digital Product Manager

I improve our user experience through online marketing.


Instructional Design

I manage and create our customers' training content.


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Our Founding History

Andreas and Farhoud, the two founders of, go way back. Ever since they met nearly a decade ago, they’ve been working together on exciting new ideas for improving the world of work.

Their first projects together were at Trivago and Rheinfabrik. But these were just warm-ups for what came next!

After months of research on what the ideal product should be, they went on to complete several pilot projects with trainees and temp workers across different industries. They learned about different jobs and work procedures, and how the warehouse workforce learns and grows.

All of this led up to what we have today: a growing team dedicated to developing blue-collar skills training and performance support software.

Our Core Values


With humility, we strive to always be learning.


We are better, when we are together.


We value goal-orientedness over busy-ness.


Make a plan, try it out early, fail and improve.


We embrace change and adapt as our mission and team need it.

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