Cut ramp-up times, key-person dependencies, and costs is the digital coach for your new and existing manual workers.

Increasing productivity and compliance in blue-collar industries

What makes special?

  • Digital coach with hands-free voice control
  • Automatic how-to translations
  • Access from anywhere, always up-to-date

What do you get?

  • Onboarding and training on autopilot
  • Productivity and compliance as a service
  • Empowered and happy employees

Loved by customers and workers alike

“ helps us to onboard many temp workers in a very short time. We have been able to significantly reduce our training and support workload, especially at peak times. All while cutting ramp-up time, but receiving super positive feedback from workers.” – Sonja Hüser, Just Spices GmbH

Suitable for all step-by-step procedures involving manual work

  • Workflows & checklists
  • Machine or device manuals
  • Technical support & problem solving

Training or performance support, SOP or how-tos: Learn more in our libary

  • Free templates
  • Best practices
  • Industry insights

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