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Implement best-in-class training 10x faster.
With adaptable and interactive video-based experiences on mobile.

Implement best-in-class training 10x faster.
With adaptable and interactive video-based experiences on mobile.

Maximizing safety and compliance, productivity and quality across teams and sites


and more

Problems we solve for you

Overcome the pains of training.
Even if you do not have the time.

Eradicate non-compliance

Heavy fines and further risks for directors in case of critical accidents without prior health and safety training.

High volume training need

Many warehouses struggle to keep up due to high turnover and temp worker share. Especially in ramp-ups or peak seasons.

High effort and energy drain

Pain and opportunity costs of your key people preparing and repeatedly training, not solving problems in operations instead.

Outdated and inconsistent

Inconsistencies in material, training and execution across teams, especially when everything needs to be continuously adapted.

With how.fm, all of these risks and costs can be minimized.

Our solution, tailored to your needs

Make how.fm your own, based on what you need:
From health and safety training software to dedicated training environments, we turn novice into expert for you.

Software for managers and workers

Control and manage trainings and training content from a central knowledge repository. Deliver interactive multi-language trainings to your workers, always up-to-date.

Out-of-the-box training courses

Ready-made content and templates, out-of-the-box. Effortlessly improve understanding and knowledge of policies, including health and safety, as well as work procedures.

Proven mobile hardware

Rugged tablets and noise-optimized headsets, provided by us, or your company. Or have workers bring their own devices.

Dedicated training environments

From dedicated training spots to fully-equipped indoor or outdoor containers. Untrained worker in, trained worker out.

Quick start with out-of-the-box trainings

Ready-made warehouse worker training courses.
Easily adapted and in all the languages you need.

Health and safety

Documented understanding and increased awareness.

Workplace 101

Context and purpose, occupational policies.

Basic skills

Basic manual, technical, and process know-how.

Work instructions

Your custom procedures — do-it-yourself or done by us.

ready-made courses

with new and engaging courses added on a regular basis, covering typical job roles from picking to returns processing


including English, German, Dutch, French, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Arabic, and many more

How we make your life better

Legal compliance and improved KPIs.
Even in peak seasons.

Legal compliance

Tracking and record-keeping of your health and safety trainings. Monitor your outstanding trainings.

Train many at once

Faster ramp-up to compliance, standardized quality, and productivity in ramp-ups and peak seasons.

Reduce efforts by 50-80%

Re-gain time from your most experienced key people. Time that is currently required to train new staff.

2.5-10% better quality

Up-to-date standards in one safe place. Increase audit-proof quality, prevent complaints and penalties.

How we have helped others

De-stressing operations.
Empowering workers.

Regularly featured in the media


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