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‘I am Safe’ Day: Workplace Safety Training at Ingram Micro

Learn how Ingram Micro transformed their workplace safety training using – by training over 200 workers in under 8 hours.


Ingram Micro Straubing recently hosted the annual global safety event called “I am Safe” day for their warehouse workers. The goal: bringing safety and wellbeing of their blue-collar workers at the center of operations. With as their partner in safety training courses, together we trained 200+ workers in under 8 hours in over 5 languages. Continue reading to learn more.

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Using, Ingram Micro transformed its entire safety training process – from training each worker manually to having ready-to-go safety training installed on the tablets and accessible to workers in their native language.

safety training certifications icon provided custom training material to support Ingram Micro Straubing with “I am Safe” Day.

The result was a standardized 15-minute training course covering 4 topics including fire safety drill, shop floor rules, COVID-19 regulations and vaccination info.

About Ingram Micro

The American group Ingram Micro is a global leader in technology and supply chain services. With 189 logistics and service centers worldwide, the company’s Straubing site is the largest ITK logistics center in Europe. It caters to customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe and provides 50% of the Group’s European logistics services.

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The Challenge

The numerous mandatory refresher training sessions for permanent employees and the induction of temporary workers turned out to be increasingly time-consuming and stressful for everyone involved at Ingram Micro Straubing.

The training process was still manual. With training folders and documents printed out on paper, senior employees were approached directly on the shop floor for training.

Safety training was an inefficient stressful situation for both the supervisor doing the training and the employee being trained.

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Ingram micro I am safe day & Ingram Micro developed a tailored training concept for “I am Safe” Day.

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The result was a standardized 15-minute training course covering 4 topics including fire safety drill, shop floor rules, COVID-19 regulations and vaccination info. health and safety training provided a training app with pre-loaded training courses that could be customized and are ready to use by the workers.

Training Software

The software automatically translates the content into more than 30 languages.

In this way, the software conveys information about mandatory safety training including certifications, internal work steps, and individual processes intuitively and comprehensibly on all common tablets and smartphones.

training in native language

This allows employees to navigate in their own language. The hands-free operation also enables workers to practically internalize work steps right away.

platform features

After training sequences, the workers can take a short quiz. This paves way for knowledge confirmation and enables digital record keeping.


Removing the stress of safety training

Implementing workplace safety training in one’s own native language allowed workers to engage with the training content. They not only learned what but also the “why” behind training.

A global security standard for all locations and Ingram Micro’s collaboration on the “I am Safe” day proved to be a huge success. Thanks to the increased efficiency and scalability, is currently rolling out security training for Ingram Micro globally.

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About with ingram micro for safety training is a software as a service training support allowing enterprise customers worldwide to onboard, upskill, and support their blue-collar workers every day.

Spanning from pre-onboarding over orientation and health & safety up to job-related skills and work instructions, sites using can put their entire training process on autopilot while increasing safety and quality in their operations — and reducing costs and efforts at the same time.

Their cross-platform solution features a multi-language, video-like, and conversational user experience suitable for both off- and on-the-job training.

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