Put Your Training on Autopilot

Deliver quality training in the language your workers understand

1With how.fm Theory

Health & safety, best practices, orientation and policies: Automate your onboarding theory

Health & Safety

Onboard your workers with the health and safety training to be risk aware and legally compliant

Orientation & Policies

Show your workers the rules & know-how for deeper engagement and faster integration

2 With how.fm Practice

Digitalize your practical know-how of everyday processes and deliver consistent work instructions to your employees

Job-related skills

Practical know-how to ramp-up your operations even during peak seasons

Work instructions

Capture work instructions that your workers can understand and refer to at any time during the job

Ready to optimize your shopfloor?

Our advisors are here to help you put your onboarding, training, and performance support on autopilot.

Implementing best-in-class shopfloor training

Reducing ramp-up times and costs

Increasing productivity and standardizing quality

Automate and train


Use and quickly adapt one of our many templates. Import an existing document or start from scratch.

Interactive content

Turn anything, text, photo or illustration into an interactive video-like experience. Update within seconds with no additional costs.

Easy translations

Automatically available in all the languages you need, across your organization and sites.

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