Your digital trainer for manual work procedures


Your digital trainer for manual work procedures

How it works

1. Write How-To Steps


Create multimedia how-tos with our  intuitive web-editor in minutes.

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2. Auto-Translate

Translate how-tos into all your workers’ favorite languages.

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3. Teach via App

Training in blue-collar industries

Your team learns, listens and talks to  your interactive how-tos via our app.

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Smart Editing

You don't have to be a Rocket Scientist



Write interactive voice how-tos in plain text – and add photos, GIFs or video clips by drag and drop.


 Write interactive voice how-tos in plain text – and add photos, GIFs or video clips by drag and drop.

Key Benefits

Smart Editing

Write step by step voice how-tos  without any coding skills. Add rich-media with 1 click.

Always up-to-date

Document, update and share your how-tos in real-time. Accessible by you and your employees, 24/7.

Voice interface

Voice control keeps your workers’ hands free. AI translates your how-tos into almost any language.


Automatic training and self-support for hands-on workers is a smart assistant for digital training and performance support in manual work procedures, handicrafts and technical skills or how-to knowledge in general. Providing self-help to new employees, trainees, and temp workers, step-by-step, off- or on the job.

Turn simple steps into interactive, multi-language how-tos

We automatically turn your standard operating procedure or any kind of step-by-step documentation into something both exciting and effective. Specifically build to help new or temp workers integrate quickly. With multi-language instructions and hands-free voice control.

Personalized multimedia experience on all platforms

Our how-tos are written and maintained by anyone in minutes, using text to speech and photos or video clips for context. They magically result in multimedia instructions that feel as if YouTube and Alexa had a baby. Personalized and simple-to-use, with a consumer-grade user experience.

New Work Training


Identify your most important use-cases. Even if you choose to only document one single how-to, your investment will pay off quickly.


Just like a bullet list in Word, document your how-to in less than a minute or two. Our system helps you write easy and effective instructions.


Share knowledge with your employees. Our system automatically enriches and personalizes your instructions, even providing Interactive Q&A.

Ready to put your manual worker onboarding and support on autopilot?
Unlock the future of how-to training for your company today.

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