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How to get more women into blue-collar jobs

It is a fact that women and men are different when it comes to their work expectations. While women tend to value flexible work hours or appreciate other non-financial benefits, as learning opportunities or good company culture, men are often attracted by career opportunities or higher salaries. These findings sound a bit stereotype, but research still proves this. 

Knowing this is important for HR managers worldwide when it comes to the talent shortage. The industry can’t effort to ignore the female workforce anymore. 

Traditionally, blue-collar work was tough work. But automation has brought some enhancements, which makes the job easier for everyone. Industries like logistics and warehousing suffer a lot from high seasonality and employee turnover and can offer many jobs that can be easily done by male and female employees. Unfortunately, the situation is still that women do not take those jobs. How can you change this for your company to not run out of candidates?

It is worth spending some time to think about changes in your job ads, on your company culture pages and also in your everyday work life. Ask your female employees what they would like to see. In addition to that, we have collected a few best practices from other companies that should help you get inspired to find the right actions for your company. 

Learn how to attract women for blue-collar jobs

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