Warehouse Operations Management Ebook

Warehouse Operations Management ebook

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This ebook is part of how.fm’s ongoing support of all those working in the manufacturing and warehousing space.

Through this freely available, downloadable resource, we endeavor to assist you—both virtually and offline—with better worker onboarding, retraining, and long-term performance management.

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What to Expect from the Warehouse Operations Management Ebook?

Warehousing trends
warehousing team culture - graph
warehouse injury graph
5S lean six sigma warehousing graph
Warehousing Trends
Reflect on top trends that dominated warehousing prior to the global pandemic.
Blue Collar Recruiting
Investigate the challenges in the staffing space — with a special focus on how best to hire temps and other seasonal hires.
4.0 Workforce Training
Learn about best practices around training the workforce on health and safety; including tackling challenges that arise in industry 4.0 warehouses.
5S and Lean
Get a balanced approach on implementing lean and six sigma practices not only on the shop floor but also in other areas of the business.

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