Audit-Ready Warehouse with Checklists

Make your shop floor safer than ever with the power of checklists

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Introducing Checklists

warehouse audit checklist tab Checklists is an inspection tool empowering workers on the shop floor.

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Used as an inspection software, it provides visibility and information to improve safety and quality standards within an organization.

warehouse digital checklist mobile allows your team to collect consistent data, standardize operations, send reports, identify defective areas and resolve issues.

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By automating low-value tasks, warehouse operators can focus on their main job effectively.

With Checklist, Cross Language Barriers

You can have a complete view of the control points to be monitored – in over 30 languages.

As a warehouse manager, see the progress of the checks and know immediately if there are any potential errors. Moreover, you can create your checklist in your preferred language, including German, Polish, Turkish and more.

Through checklist tool, your warehouse operator can access the checklist in the language of their choice.

This gives you the flexibility to run your warehouse operations smoothly either from a tablet or a smartphone without worrying about language barriers.

How It Works

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As a manager, customize checklists in advance on your monitoring dashboard.

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Field operators fill in the checklists from the mobile application directly on the shop floor.

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Once completed, the checklists are sent to the platform.

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The checklists are recorded in the application, which allows to prove that all the controls have been carried out in case of an incident.

Voila! You now have an overview of your shop floor and can plan for the interventions better.

Setting Up Checklist Forms Within Minutes

Convert your existing paper checklists or Excel spreadsheets into smart inspection forms in minutes. Our drag-and-drop template builder makes it easy to create custom forms.

Download Checklist Templates Here

Ready to make your warehouse audit-ready with digital checklists?

Ensuring best-in-class shop floor safety

Reducing errors and safety issues

Increasing efficiency of your field operators