Visual Work Instructions

A Step by Step Guide for Warehouse Managers

A warehouse worker pointing towards a visual work instructions guide and ebook cover
A Step by Step Guide to Writing Effective Visual Work Instructions

Why do you need visual work instructions?

Work instructions are the most crucial yet often overlooked part of your workers’ training. 

Whether it’s about familiarizing new employees with your company’s policies to training them on how to operate a forklift – work instructions come in handy.

Though in name of work instructions, most organizations fall into the pit of endless paper-based notes.

Result?  Inconsistent work instructions that take ages to create or update and never end up getting used.

That’s when visual work instructions [vwi] can come to your rescue. Easy-to-create work instructions that instead of telling your workers how to perform a job, show them how to do it.

In this ebook, we collaborate with instructional design experts and cover the basics of creating vwi.

Additionally, you will learn how to deliver those work instructions to your workers digitally – in a language they understand!

Bonus: visual work instructions templates with examples

This ebook is rich with work instructions templates and examples that can help you create work instructions without much effort.

There will be several tips and tools that you can use to distribute work instructions among teams across sites and your whole organization.

What to expect out of this ebook?

  1. You are aware of pitfalls when it comes to creating work instructions.
  2. You know what vwi are.
  3. You understand the key issues in creating work instructions.
  4. You can decide if digital work instructions are the right medium for your training.
  5. You have step-by-step templates that walk you through the process of creating work instructions for the team.

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