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Tired of explaining the job over and over again?

Are you continuously onboarding new workers beyond capacity? Do your key people spend up to 50% of their time training and supporting inexperienced workers? Do you have to deal with rising costs for in-person training, off- or on-the-job? Many industries are struggling with with high turnover and temp worker share.

Are you approaching a generation change in your workforce, requiring knowledge transfer? Do you want to tackle knowledge silos and key-person dependency, freeing up the time of your experienced workers? Do you wish colleagues could step in for each other, at any time? Do you finally want to promote job rotation, without fearing productivity loss? Lots of companies like yours need to tackle the impending skill gap.

Does it take too much time to ramp-up your workers? Is poor knowledge retention, once trained, slowing you down? Do your workers make mistakes or get stuck too often? Businesses everywhere are looking to increase output, reduce costs of non-quality, or comply with rules and regulations.

Do people keep asking you before referring to documentation? Are your printed work procedures and posters not always up-to-date? Does your single-language documentation meet an influx of workers from other countries speaking different languages? Even with standard operating procedures in place, traditional manuals and binders often take precious time to find or sometimes get lost.

If you are like most managers and business owners we talk to, you spend more than 30% of your week on redundant employee training.

Imagine how much time you could free up if you had a better solution...

Made for blue-collar work procedures

Is it most often about how to do something? supports all kinds of mostly physical problem-solving and manual skill development .
We want to help your company with performance support and training from quick-fix to mastery. 
With a full focus on standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Workflows and checklists

It’s all about the “How do I do that, step-by-step?” question. Procedural know-how like “How do I pack this order?” less than fact-based knowledge like “What are our company values?” better served with a traditional e-learning solution.

Machine or device manuals

Turn formerly written instructions into interactive natural-language conversations. 
Accessible right where you need them in any language. Like “How do I assemble this box?”

Technical support and problem-solving

Next time before wasting time and money on a support hotline for “How do I process the return of a broken item?”, just ask and have our digital coach walk your employees through the process. 
Always friendly and at their own pace.

Ideal use cases to start with

Where can you expect the fastest results?

Are you looking for an exciting and engaging but cost-efficient onboarding and support solution?

Your Benefits

Improve productivity and employee experience at the same time

Faster ramp-up times from 0 to 100% productivity

Help workers through the entire employee lifecycle. Whether it is with a one-time live support-in-task exercise or a gradual buildup of skills and hands-on experience. Shorten ramp-up time, while freeing up experienced workers. Cut training and how-to support costs by up to 50%.

Quality and compliance as a service

Close the skill gap and get your team to peak performance in record time. Standardize and roll-out your knowledge globally within your entire organization. Enforce standardization and ensure compliance. Increase output and quality while decreasing error rate by 20%.

Empowered and happy employees

Empower your employees to learn and help themselves without you. Provide the same know-how to everyone in need, unlocking self-assurance, motivation, and rapid skill-building. Up to expert performance and mastery. More than 85% of our users said they would prefer over other alternatives.

Proven results

Loved by employers, supervisors, and workers alike

  • Shorten ramp-up time to full productivity
  • Increase speed and output
  • Increase quality and decrease cost of non-quality
  • Increase overall employee happiness
  • Foster development and empower workers, no matter the background
  • Break down knowledge silos and drive know-how sharing
  • Increase organizational agility in workforce size and skills
  • Cut back on ineffective trainings, thus save costs

“ is a smart assistant for digital training and performance support in manual work procedures, handicrafts and technical skills, or how-to knowledge in general. Providing self-help to new employees, trainees, and temp workers. Step-by-step, off- or on the job.” — Stella, Business Owner

  • Spend less productive time on repetitive training
  • Onboard and integrate new team members faster
  • Enable people to help themselves
  • Resolve key-person dependency and prevent interruptions
  • Make step-ins and job rotation possible
  • Delegate more complex tasks and develop people
  • Decrease amount of errors and accident risks
  • Reduce delays, inefficiencies, and waste

“Now I never again have to explain things twice and still get my team to peak performance in record time — with a tool they really love.” — Wolfgang, Supervisor

  • Empowered to take on any task, 24×7
  • Faster comprehension thanks to native language instructions
  • Independence from others with no fear to ask twice
  • Opportunity to learn and master new skills
  • Personalized and interactive experience
  • More effective on-the-job training
  • Less classroom lectures with poor knowledge retention
  • Voice support for hands-free work also reaches illiterates
“Whether it is business as usual or out of the ordinary – whatever assigned, I can quickly help myself. And I don’t lose face asking for help even a couple of times.” — Amid, Temp Worker

Ready to put your manual worker onboarding and support on autopilot?
Unlock the future of how-to training for your company today.

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