From Health and Safety Guides to Onboarding Checklists, find all the resources you need in one place to train your warehouse workforce.


Read the best practices and latest research on logistics people management. Hear from the logistics industry experts on how to nurture talent and improve performance, communicate better and implement e-learning on their shop floor.

Health and safety training guide cover

Health and Safety Training Guide

Learn how to implement health and safety training on your shop floor.

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warehouse onboarding checklist and guide

Onboarding Guide

All the best practices of onboarding your new warehouse employees are now compiled in this handy online guide.

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Our current ebook offering consists of best practices in running a modern logistics warehouse. This well-researched ebook enables you to apply modern warehousing principles and stay competitive in the industry 4.0 era. The second ebook, A Step by Step Guide to Writing Visual Work Instructions empowers you to create brilliant WIs for your workforce and thus, reduce training efforts and improve efficiency in your warehouse. Download the two ebooks today to transform your warehouse into the center of excellence!

warehouse operations management ebook

Warehouse Operations Management

Lean warehousing, people management, and more. Deep dive into industry 4.0 training for your warehouse workforce.

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visual work insructions ebook

Visual Work Instructions

A step-by-step guide on creating visual work instructions and delivering them effectively.

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Checklists and Templates

From onboarding new employees to auditing your warehouse, there’s a checklist or a template for everything you need to run your warehouse efficiently. Equip your warehouse operators with checklists to ensure safer and smoother sailings.

sexual harassment prevention training template cover

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Easy to use sexual harassment prevention training template used by logistics companies.

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Logistics Training Plan for warehouses

Logistics Training Plan Template

A sample training plan that you can modify as per your needs – made for logistics by

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6 Steps to a Warehouse Audit - OHS Template

Internal Warehouse Audit Template – OHS Rules

Perform a successful internal warehouse audit by following these 6 steps – with OHS Rules.

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seasonal staff training template for temporary workers cover

Seasonal Staff Training Template

Train your seasonal workers this peak season with this 9-Step Training Plan.

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general warehouse rules and regulations safety checklist

General Warehouse Rules and Regulations Checklist

Follow this safety checklist to prioritize compliance and safety on your shop floor.

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warehouse associate job description template

Warehouse Associate Job Description Template

This job description template enables you to hire the right operators for your warehouse.

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forklift operator Job Description Template

Forklift Operator Job Description Template

Modify and use this forklift operator job description template – salary range included.

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picker and packer job description template

Picker and Packer Job Description Template

An ideal job description template for SMEs to hire picker and packers for warehouses.

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Onboarding checklist for temp workers

Onboarding Checklist

To ensure that your next temp worker onboarding goes smoothly.

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warehouse audit checklist

Warehouse Audit Checklist

Go through this checklist to make your shop floor safe and audit-ready.

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fire safety checklist posters

Fire Safety Checklist

Download fire safety checklist posters to have your workers’ well-being always a priority.

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incoming goods checklist

Incoming Goods Checklist

For an error-free inventory, implement incoming goods checklist in your warehouse.

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forklift pre-start checklist

Forklift Prestart Checklist

Empower your warehouse operators with a handy forklift prestart checklist.

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warehouse safety training case study

Ingram’s Safety Case Study

Learn from one of the global leaders in logistics on how to implement safety on your shop floor.

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SOP template for shop floors

Standard Operating Procedures Template

Using this easy-to-follow SOP template, create your own standard operating procedures.

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employee turnover costs

Turnover Costs Infographics

Learn the true cost of employee turnover for your shop floor through this handy infographic.

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