Prepare for Peak.

Boost Peak Season Performance with Streamlined Workforce Training

For Site and Operations Managers who won’t stop optimizing the Preparation of their Operations to succeed during Peak Season.

Leading Companies that already train with us:

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Onboard Seasonal Staff fully on Autopilot

digital training in over 30 languages to prepare for peak season

Train in over 30 languages and save valuable time

relieve your key personnel to focus on peak season preparation

Relieve your Key Personnel

How it works: is a software as a service training platform, catering specifically to 3PLs. Our intuitive training tools facilitate the seamless onboarding, continuous improvement, and day-to-day assistance of operators on the bustling shop floor. use the digital trainer to prepare your workforce for peak season in 2023.



Workforce Support


Lived Continuous Improvement

Get your Staff ready for Peak Season in 4 Steps…

… it’s as easy as it gets.

Course Overview in the app

Create your Training

Take the work instructions you have, upload them to our CRM, and create your Training Courses in a heartbeat. It’s kind of magical.

OR use our set of Course Templates.

Personalize your Courses

Snap some Clips and Images from the Shop Floor to make the Training Experience more familiar.

They’ll be uploaded into the media gallery right away.

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Use Case of a tablet in logistics operations

Translate into >30 Languages

(Auto-)Translate the Courses in the Languages your Workforce needs to unleash their full potential.

Check the Knowledge

Create quizzes from your work instructions for your teams to solve. Check their Knowledge and collect the Certificates – 100% compliance at all Times.

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Get ready for Peak Season 2023

From PDF and Paper to the Future
in 4 Steps

the process from media collection until knowledge checks