Platform Practice

Put your practical training on autopilot.
In all the languages your workers speak.


Workplace and equipment setup, including hardware and software configuration


Practical know-how of key activities in job role and processes

Work Instructions

Step-by-step work instructions according to current best practices Practice

Show and train any job-related tools, skills, and work instructions

Use and quickly adapt one of our many templates, import an existing document, or start from scratch. Turn anything text and photo or illustration into an interactive video-like experience in just minutes. Automatically available in all the languages you need, across your organization and sites.

Easy Content Management System & Media Recording

Content management and automatic translations into more than 20 languages

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Engaging Worker Training Apps & Courses

Multi-language video-like experiences with optional hands-free voice control

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Real-time Management Dashboards & Reports

Monitor training activity and compliance or export training records

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