Simplified Platform

Simplified Content Management System

Easy to use content management system that lets you manage all your training, certificates, and courses under one umbrella

Single source of truth for all sites for standardization across your organization.

Updated training across sites – no more outdated training material.

Automatic Translations

Translate all your work instructions and other operational processes automatically in more than 30 languages at zero additional cost.

Management Dashboards & Reports

Monitor training activity of your workforce, ensure compliance, or export training records — all with the help of one dashboard.

how.fm Recorder

Hassle-free media capturing on the shopfloor. Automatically optimized and uploaded for use in the how.fm platform

From automating your health and safety training to writing your work instructions, receive expert service tailored to your needs

Worker Training App

Engaging app that lets you train your workers on-the-go with optional hands-free voice control.

Interactive Videos &
Voice Control

Train your workers with interactive videos and implement voice control for hands-free training.

Quizzes and Digital Certificates

Use gamification to ensure your workforce learns in an engaging way. Download certificates as proof of training.

Ready to optimize your shopfloor?

Our advisors are here to help you put your onboarding, training, and performance support on autopilot.

Implementing best-in-class shopfloor training

Reducing ramp-up times and costs

Increasing productivity and standardizing quality

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