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Change Management in Worker Training: How To Successfully Implement New Training Methods

As leaders in the industry, you know the importance of focusing on the worker for effective management. But do you know how to implement...

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Forklift driver in logistics

What To Do When the Warehouse ‘Wares’ You Out

The below article goes beyond the daily tactical challenges warehouse managers face in order to provide a more comprehensive, or 360-degree, look into the...

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How To Get Lean After COVID-19

The below article endeavors to provide both warehouse team leads and site managers with an up-to-the-minute look at the current state of supply chain...

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lean philosophy

Why You Should Implement Lean Techniques Into Your Warehouse

After learning about the “human side of lean” aka. Training within industry as a leadership program, we would love to take a closer look...

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Onboarding under Covid-19 circumstances

Free Template: High-Volume Onboarding COVID-19 Edition

Companies in the 3PL sector are experts in high-volume onboarding. With peak seasons coming up every year, they know exactly how to handle this...

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Training Within Industry - Old-Fashioned or Still Cool?

We have built various leadership programs for every kind of topic that our (future) leaders might need. But the concepts are often complex and...

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Forklift driver in logistics

6 Common Challenges in Warehouse Worker Training in Logistics

Updated on 11 January 2021 In this article, find the solution to:  Challenge 1: What is the best way to document my knowledge? Challenge...

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Job Description Trainer in Logistics

How To Recruit the Ideal Trainer for Your Warehouse Associates (With a Free Template)

Updated on 26 January 2021 In this article, read about:  The Value of a Good Job Description Qualities of a Good Trainer Experience Enthusiastic...

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Let's talk about: how to use instructional design to take your training to the next level?

TOP TIPS FROM EXPERT CHRISTIANA DEHNEN Have your target group – the learner – in mind when creating the training Define your training goals...

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train the blue-collar trainer

The Essential Guide to Training Your Warehouse Trainer in 2021

Table of Contents Why Training Your Warehouse Trainer Matters Why Instructional Design Training Is Important The 3 Core Aspects Of Instructional Designs 5 Key...

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OHAS - health and safety training in Warehousing

Training a New Generation of Warehouse Workers

Last updated on 5 January 2021Table of Contents The Next Generation of Warehouse Workers Connecting With the New Generation of Workers Specific Training Needs...

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older blue-collar worker

How Employing and Training Older Workers Can Be Your Solution to Talent Shortage

Table of Contents How Warehouse Managers Can Solve the Talent Shortage Generation Shift in Logistics  The Benefits of Employing Mature Workers Employing and Training...

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show your employees - employer brand

How To Create an Employer Brand That Candidates Will Love

Are you hoping to increase your application pool? Do you want to become a company that people want to work for? Or maybe you...

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Let's Talk About: Employer Branding in Logistics

Let’s talk to Nora Breuker from Setlog about Employer Branding in Logistics. What Is Employer Branding, and Why Do Companies Need a Meaningful Employer...

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Let's Talk About: How To Attract Warehouse Worker - Best-of Blue-Collar Recruiting

Let’s talk to Ki-Won Sur from mobile jobs about recruiting in blue-collar industries. When we talk to experts from the industry, one challenge is...

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Top Secret Advice on Recruiting Warehouse Worker

Getting quality workers in the door is no easy task. Recruitment is a serious undertaking, especially in the blue collar industry where turnover rates...

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The Future Is Blue

Updated on 23 February 2021 What to Expect? Blue collar workers in the logistics industry are in high demand. The talent shortage in the...

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Let's Talk About: Mindfulness in Blue-Collar Industries

Let’s talk to mindfulness expert and former HR manager in automotive industries Kristin Bub. Mindfulness exercises have reached the center of society. In private...

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Speed up Your Business With SOPs

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are a step-by-step set of written instructions that help people learn how to fulfill complex routine tasks. Having SOPs in...

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worker social distance

Blue-collar work In times of COVID-19

When humans work together, there is always a chance of passing diseases. Every winter, when the flu season starts, companies have to face the...

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cost of employer turnover burns a lot of money

The True Cost of High Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is an expensive problem across industries. Last year, 1-in-5 workers voluntarily quit their job. Blue-collar sectors like manufacturing, logistics, and transportation have some...

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blue-collar training situation with digital trainer

A personal SOP success story

The story of how I got into SOPs “How do other managers assure the how-to knowledge is all quickly passed on and accessible at...

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