Free Template: High-Volume Onboarding COVID-19 Edition

Onboarding under Covid-19 circumstances

Companies in the 3PL sector are experts in high-volume onboarding. With peak seasons coming up every year, they know exactly how to handle this amount of demand. But during corona times, there was an unexpected increasing demand mainly from eCommerce companies. Not only toilet paper and toys were ordered like crazy… From all these experiences, we have created a checklist to prepare your site for another wave of increasing demand having in mind the exceptional COVID-19 circumstances.

Create an onboarding experience your worker will love!

Do you also have to onboard many workers every week? Or you have a peak season coming up where your staff increases up to 50%? Or are you not sure how to handle your onboarding during Covid-19? We have created a plan for you to deal with the frequent challenge of onboarding new workers. Simply download the template and start your onboarding today. On top of a ready-to-use version, you can get another file that you can customize for your particular need.

New workers starting tomorrow?

Get your free COVID-19-ready onboarding template here.