5 Powerful Ways to Engage and Motivate Your Warehouse Workforce

Worker motivation is a quick fix to boosting productivity in your warehouse. Moreover, highly motivated employees are more likely to put in the required...

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woman in blue crew neck t-shirt standing beside gray metal bar

Social Sustainability in Warehouses – How to Prevent High Fluctuation?

Sustainability is an important topic for warehouses all over the world. Over the last 5 years, the e-commerce boom has skyrocketed demand for logistics...

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the impact of high employee turnover is a significant treat for companies

The Impact of a High Employee Turnover Rate in Logistics

Fifty-six percent of workers in blue-collar industries are at risk of quitting.  With the national unemployment rate at ~3.7%, the lowest in the last...

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How to get more female workers to overcome talent shortage

Only 20% of the blue-collar workforce are women. In times of low unemployment rates and thus, resulting in a significant talent shortage, it has never...

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Language matters: How to ensure your warehouse workers understand your instructions

Is your company, like many others, facing difficulties related to an increasingly diverse workforce with employees from different countries? You are not alone, since...

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how.fm warehouse workers

Efficient Onboarding for Temporary Warehouse Workers

The temporary workforce is on the rise. Roughly 900,000 temporary workers were employed in Germany in 2019. This accounted to 2.3 per cent of...

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OHAS - health and safety training in Warehousing

Training a New Generation of Warehouse Workers

Last updated on 5 January 2021Table of Contents The Next Generation of Warehouse Workers Connecting With the New Generation of Workers Specific Training Needs...

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show your employees - employer brand

How To Create an Employer Brand That Candidates Will Love

Are you hoping to increase your application pool? Do you want to become a company that people want to work for? Or maybe you...

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Let's Talk About: Employer Branding in Logistics

Let’s talk to Nora Breuker from Setlog about Employer Branding in Logistics. What Is Employer Branding, and Why Do Companies Need a Meaningful Employer...

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Let's Talk About: How To Attract Warehouse Worker - Best-of Blue-Collar Recruiting

Let’s talk to Ki-Won Sur from mobile jobs about recruiting in blue-collar industries. When we talk to experts from the industry, one challenge is...

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