On which devices does the training software run?

Here are the system requirements for how.fm app and software:

how.fm Mobile Apps


The iOS app requires iOS 12 or newer. 


The Android App requires Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or newer and a minimum screen density of HDPI. Please note that only Google Stock Android is fully supported. 

Legacy Android / iOS Version Support

We try to support the most recent version of iOS and Android within a migration period of 4 weeks after its public release.

The apps will keep running on legacy versions of iOS and Android for up to 12 months after how.fm announces the deprecation of support. 

If a newly introduced defect in an update of the operating system blocks the functionality of the apps we cannot guarantee fixes until a fix is released by the vendor itself (Apple, Google).

We recommend the Yamay Bluetooth Headset M98-DE6 headset. Different manufacturers and models might be more suitable, depending on the work environment.

how.fm Admin Web Application

Supported Browsers

The Admin Web app requires Google Chrome in its latest version. Due to their 6-week release cycles, we only support the respective version of Chrome that was released most currently.

Other browsers might work as well but are not officially supported. 

Deprecation Support

When we deprecate the support of a specific browser version you will not be able to access the web application until you upgrade your browser to a supported version.

Learn about our other IT requirements here.