Do I need special IT requirements at my warehouse to use

To train using in your warehouse, you only need to make sure that you have a good Wi-Fi connection. If this is given, there are no more requirements from our side.

If your company has a mobile device management system and/or firewalls in place, we need to whitelist some URLs and ports to make sure can access the required services to run smoothly.

Network Access & Endpoints

App installation

To allow the team to work with, we would kindly request manual (or MDM installation, ideally automatically updating or regularly kept up to date) of our mobile app available as a free download for both iOS (App Store: and Android (Google Play Store:

Wi-Fi, internet access, and traffic requirements

If you are preparing a few Android tablets for our pilot, the only thing these tablets would need is a more or less reliable Wi-Fi connection with internet access. Our software tries to cache media files so that traffic will be very limited, but would need at least occasional access at login and while using the app.

Endpoints and ports requirements

If that access would be more strictly managed, we very much appreciate the following endpoints to be whitelisted:

Optional endpoints (helps us in improving the product further): (https://e.crashlytics.comhttps://reports.crashlytics.com

For further system requirements, check out this FAQ here: