• How much time do I need to set up

    Once you sign up with, we will walk you through the entire setup process.

    On the day of the roll-out/implementation, our team would record all the training processes on your shop floor. To set up the rest of the software, you or your shop floor’s trainer can estimate to dedicate 3 hours over the course of the roll-out period.

  • Do you have an integration to HR software?

    No, we do not yet provide integrations to HR tools.

    Though we would love to hear more about your use case. Don’t hesitate to schedule a call with us.

  • Is it possible to test


    Book a call with us and let us give you a mini-tour of the software. After that, feel free to play around and test on your own.

    *15 minutes with no commitment

  • Do I need special IT requirements at my warehouse to use

    To train using in your warehouse, you only need to make sure that you have a good Wi-Fi connection. If this is given, there are no more requirements from our side.

    If your company has a mobile device management system and/or firewalls in place, we need to whitelist some URLs and ports to make sure can access the required services to run smoothly.

    Network Access & Endpoints

    App installation

    To allow the team to work with, we would kindly request manual (or MDM installation, ideally automatically updating or regularly kept up to date) of our mobile app available as a free download for both iOS (App Store: and Android (Google Play Store:

    Wi-Fi, internet access, and traffic requirements

    If you are preparing a few Android tablets for our pilot, the only thing these tablets would need is a more or less reliable Wi-Fi connection with internet access. Our software tries to cache media files so that traffic will be very limited, but would need at least occasional access at login and while using the app.

    Endpoints and ports requirements

    If that access would be more strictly managed, we very much appreciate the following endpoints to be whitelisted:

    Optional endpoints (helps us in improving the product further): (https://e.crashlytics.comhttps://reports.crashlytics.com

    For further system requirements, check out this FAQ here:

  • How many devices do I need for my team when using’s on the job training / off the job training?

    The amount of devices depends on your warehouse, the number of workers, and the pieces of training you need or want to do.

    Book a call with our training experts so that we can analyze your shop floor and give you an exact figure.

    *15 minutes with no commitment

  • Is the recorder app included in my training plan?

    Yes, the recorder app is included in the plan, and can be used to create customized content for your workforce.

    Check out the feature of the recorder app here:

  • What do you mean by ‚automatic translation‘?

    Automatic translation essentially means augmented automatic translations.

    At, we offer automatic translations inbuilt into our software, which are then polished by professional translators from our network of partners within 48 hours — or as part of our full-service customer onboarding.

    To learn how the automatic translation process works, read:

  • Who creates the training content?

    Once you sign up with, our training experts would visit your shop floor and record all your training process.

    Then,’s in-house instructional designers would create tailored content for your warehouse workers – in as many languages as you have requested.

    Though if you would like to create your own training content, it’s easy-breezy through’s customer management system (CMS).

  • What kinds of training content is available on

    Using, you can onboard your blue-collar employees, train them in the policies and processes of your warehouse, keep them updated on health & safety regulations, teach them missing job skills, and reskill your workforce to better match the skill requirements of your warehouse.

    Some of the popular training courses in app are:

    For more detailed cases, check out our list of use cases here.

  • What is a training course?

    A training course is a set of sequences.

    Learn about sequences here:

  • What is a training sequence?

    A sequence is the main unit of content that includes 10-15 steps, which train your warehouse workers to complete a job or task, e.g., packing a box.

  • In how many languages can I train my workforce using’s training software supports more than 30 languages.

    Here’s the list of the supported languages:

    1. Arabic
    2. Chinese
    3. Czech
    4. Dutch
    5. English (CA)
    6. English (GB)
    7. English (IN)
    8. English (US)
    9. English (FR)
    10. English (AU)
    11. French
    12. German
    13. Greek
    14. Hindi
    15. Hungarian
    16. Italian
    17. Polish
    18. Portuguese (BR)
    19. Portuguese (PT)
    20. Romanian
    21. Russian
    22. Slovak
    23. Spanish (ES)
    24. Spanish (MX)
    25. Spanish (US)
    26. Turkish
    27. Ukrainian
    28. Vietnamese
    29. Slovenian
    30. Bulgarian
    31. Albanian

  • How does the auto-translation process work?

    You can use auto-translation for sequences (not quizzes or courses) in the CMS. Note that a few errors can occur.

    1. Open the sequence you would like to translate.
    2. Click on the language you want to add.
    3. Click on “Copy & Translate Steps”.
    copy and translate steps screenshot of the CMS

    4. Select a source language from which you want to translate and click “Next”.

    screenshot of the translation process for warehouse worker training
    1. Click “Next”.
    2. Check the box “Automatically translate” and click “Start”.
    1. After the translation is finished, you can click “Done”.
    2. Add a title to your sequence. Now you can save or publish it.

    Note: For a detailed explanation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your contact person. We collaborate with experienced translators to provide a qualitative translation in any language we support.


  • Where can I see which warehouse worker has been trained and in what?

    You can track the training of your warehouse employees using training certificates. Once your warehouse workers go through a training course and successfully complete the knowledge-check quiz, they will automatically be issued a certification. You can view all such certificates in the CMS under “Certificate Dashboard”.

    Here you can find, check and download all completed certificates from your workforce.

    Warehouse workers certificate dashboard -
    Screenshot of’s Certificate Dashboard.
  • How do I create a training quiz for operators?

    In the CMS, we have a separate tab only for quizzes. In that tab, you can find all your existing quizzes and you can also add new ones.

    For new ones, add a title, the quiz question, ONE correct answer, and some wrong ones to test your workers. Hit Publish and the quiz can be added to a course.

    Also, make sure to add the quizzes for each language you would like to train your workers with.

    Image showing how to create a training quiz for warehouse workers
    Screenshot of the Quiz tab in
  • How do my shop floor workforce receive their certificate of training completion?

    Shop floor workers can receive their training certificates from the supervisor or site manager or trainer on the shop floor.

    The site manager can download the worker’s certificate of training completion from the CMS. This certificate can be sent out as a PDF or printed and handed out to the worker.

  • Who can access the training certificates?

    Your training certificates can be found in the certificate overview in the CMS (Content Management System). Each and every issued certificate will end up here.

    Only CMS users can access these certificates. This CMS access will be granted by you. We can also give the CMS access on your behalf to users selected by you, who can then see the certificates issued.

  • Do my workers need an email address to access the training?

    No, does not need an email address to log in.

    You will receive login credentials that are valid for your whole site. Also, your used devices will be pre-configured with your content, so there is no need to log in as a worker.

    A worker starts with selecting his or her language and the training they want to do.

    The workers identify themselves once they finished a course/training and issue the certificate for that training.

  • On which devices does the training software run?

    Here are the system requirements for app and software: Mobile Apps


    The iOS app requires iOS 12 or newer. 


    The Android App requires Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or newer and a minimum screen density of HDPI. Please note that only Google Stock Android is fully supported. 

    Legacy Android / iOS Version Support

    We try to support the most recent version of iOS and Android within a migration period of 4 weeks after its public release.

    The apps will keep running on legacy versions of iOS and Android for up to 12 months after announces the deprecation of support. 

    If a newly introduced defect in an update of the operating system blocks the functionality of the apps we cannot guarantee fixes until a fix is released by the vendor itself (Apple, Google).

    We recommend the Yamay Bluetooth Headset M98-DE6 headset. Different manufacturers and models might be more suitable, depending on the work environment. Admin Web Application

    Supported Browsers

    The Admin Web app requires Google Chrome in its latest version. Due to their 6-week release cycles, we only support the respective version of Chrome that was released most currently.

    Other browsers might work as well but are not officially supported. 

    Deprecation Support

    When we deprecate the support of a specific browser version you will not be able to access the web application until you upgrade your browser to a supported version.

    Learn about our other IT requirements here.


  • Why do I not see my course in the app?

    Sequences (and quizzes) can only be played in the app when they are integrated into a course.

    In short: only courses can be displayed in the app.

    A course is only displayed when
    1) it has a title,
    2) all units (sequences and quizzes) are available in the selected language and
    3) published.

    You can check it in the CMS – the language chip of the course has to be green. screenshot – warehouse worker training software

    In’s CMS we make sure that all criteria are met for a published course. We want to make sure that only finished and valuable courses get published for your workers.

  • My trial period has ended and I cannot login anymore.

    Trial periods are for you to test the software and see if matches the needs of your shop floor. Please contact our training experts here once your trial period expires to enjoy continued best-in-class training for your warehouse workers.

    *15-minute call with no commitment

  • Where can I find the QR code for my training course?

    Your QR code for a specific training course can be found in the course itself. Go to the CMS – Courses – select a course.

    On the right side, you can find the QR code for that course.

    Screenshot of the blue collar worker training software’s CMS > course > QR code
  • I am an existing customer. Who do I reach out to if I need help or have an issue?

    You can simply contact our customer support team here:

  • How can I add a video to my training course?


    It’s possible to embed youtube links to your course:

    Screenshot of adding video to the training course
    Adding video to the training course

    The video appears then in the app as the first tile when the worker opens the course:

    Screenshot of the training video in app.
    Screenshot of the video in app.