Change Management in Blue-Collar Training: How to successfully implement new training methods

As leaders in the blue-collar industry, you know the importance of focusing on the worker for effective management. But do you know how to implement new training methods successfully? By using the principles of change management, you can, in fact, execute new training strategies more effectively in your facility. About Change Management The discipline of […]

Blue-Collar Training Methods – An overview

No matter how much technology enters the factories, blue-collar workers still serve as the backbone of most businesses. Due to factors such as seasonal changes and high fluctuation, there are significant needs for blue-collar workers across the world. For example, an increase in demand during the produce season means that warehouses managers must staff their […]

Top Secret Advice on Blue-Collar Recruiting

Getting quality workers in the door is no easy task. Recruitment is a serious undertaking, especially in the blue collar industry where turnover rates are high. Here are three steps to help you widen your applicant pool and ultimately hire more quality candidates.  1. Widen your applicant pool First things first—to get more qualified new […]

How to have a safe training and onboarding process during COVID-19

Amidst the global pandemic of COVID-19, many, if not most, factories, manufacturers, and processing facilities have been deemed “essential” businesses. Logistics companies, in particular, have experienced an increase in demand and, in turn, an influx of new employees. You have likely implemented best practices for existing employees, but what about new hires? Are you currently […]

The TOP 5 Failures in Blue-Collar Training

Having proper training in place is crucial to have productive employees. No matter how much you invest in research or train the trainer, it is always a good idea to see what can go wrong not to make those mistakes again. With this guide, you learn from other companies’ experiences and can prepare your trainers to be […]

5 Tips For Efficient Blue Collar Training

When hiring new employees, there are many challenges which you will face throughout the whole process until the worker becomes fully integrated into your work processes. We want to stress some of the aspects mainly in blue collar training and onboarding that might come along and give you the best tips to make your workers […]