Train the Blue-Collar Trainer

Trainer. Skills Trainer. Training Specialist. Learning Consultant. Regardless of the title, the role of a blue-collar trainer is vital. Trainers in the industry are essential. They can provide mandatory training like health & safety instructions that every worker has to refresh from time to time. And trainers also play a crucial role in the onboarding […]

Training a New Generation of Blue-Collar Workers

The challenge of recruiting for the blue-collar workforce is not dwindling. After overcoming a workforce shortage and hiring new employees, the journey is not complete. Training and keeping a new generation of blue-collar workers are entirely different arenas.  A New Generation of Blue-Collar Workers Many enter the blue-collar workforce to follow in the footsteps of […]

Why you should consider training older workers for blue-collar jobs

Are you one of the many employers who are having problems to find enough young candidates to hire? There is a solution to this issue: Try hiring and training older people! Generation shift in blue-collar industries The pool of candidates to hire is shrinking because many people in the blue-collar workforce are now headed towards […]

Change Management in Blue-Collar Training: How to successfully implement new training methods

As leaders in the blue-collar industry, you know the importance of focusing on the worker for effective management. But do you know how to implement new training methods successfully? By using the principles of change management, you can, in fact, execute new training strategies more effectively in your facility. About Change Management The discipline of […]

How to create an Employer Brand that Candidates will love

Are you hoping to increase your application pool? Do you want to become a company that people want to work for? Or maybe you want to be more attractive to applicants? Reduce your talent shortage today by creating your own employer brand.  Logistics, jobs are in high demand. Furthermore, companies are experiencing hiring competition as […]

Expert Interview: Employer Branding in Logistics

Thank You, Nora, so much for taking the time today. I’m super curious about your insights on Employer Branding in logistics. What is Employer Branding, and why do companies need a meaningful Employer Brand? Nora: Employer Branding, in general, is building a brand that is specifically an employer brand. That means it’s different from the […]

Blue-Collar Training Methods – An overview

No matter how much technology enters the factories, blue-collar workers still serve as the backbone of most businesses. Due to factors such as seasonal changes and high fluctuation, there are significant needs for blue-collar workers across the world. For example, an increase in demand during the produce season means that warehouses managers must staff their […]

Expert Interview: Blue-Collar Recruiting

When we talk to experts from the industry, one challenge is mentioned over and over again: How can I deal with talent shortage? Hiring enough workers to manage the high attrition rate is essential to maintain the everyday business. Deal with peak season, and thus, having a very different amount of employees throughout the year […]

Top Secret Advice on Blue-Collar Recruiting

Getting quality workers in the door is no easy task. Recruitment is a serious undertaking, especially in the blue collar industry where turnover rates are high. Here are three steps to help you widen your applicant pool and ultimately hire more quality candidates.  1. Widen your applicant pool First things first—to get more qualified new […]

The Future is Blue

An entire sector of the global workforce exists en masse, yet few understand how it works. Blue-collar workers are the backbone of industrialization. We believe that every group of employees deserve a certain focus on their needs. When looking into the blue-collar industry, there are many topics not yet discovered. Let’s dig deeper into these […]