Blue-Collar Work In Times of Corona

When humans work together, there is always a chance of passing diseases. Every winter, when the flu season starts, companies have to face the fact that their employees can spread bacteria and viruses among the entire company. Blue-collar work in times of Corona is not getting easier. Many companies have been shut down. But the […]

Women in Blue-Collar Industries

Only 20% of the blue-collar workforce are women. In times of low unemployment rates and thus, resulting in a significant talent shortage, it has never been more important to be an attractive employer to female as well as to male employees. Traditionally manual skills jobs were not the first choice for girls. Thus, women in blue-collar […]

The Impact of Turnover on Blue Collar Companies

56% of employees in blue-collar industries are at risk of quitting. Workers have lots of choices for where to work as the national unemployment rate is around 3.7%, the lowest it has been in 50 years. In blue-collar industries like manufacturing, logistics, and transportation, the cost of employee fluctuation can have a devastating impact on […]

5 Tips For Efficient Blue Collar Training

When hiring new employees, there are many challenges which you will face throughout the whole process until the worker becomes fully integrated into your work processes. We want to stress some of the aspects mainly in blue collar training and onboarding that might come along and give you the best tips to make your workers […]