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A multi-language training platform built to onboard, upskill, and support blue collar workforce worldwide – in a language they understand.

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Thousands of Workers Trained Across Sites Worldwide

We empower companies and their workforce with effective and engaging training programs.
Giving everyone a fair chance to learn and grow, no matter the background or language.

Training Effort and Cost Reduction

Operators spend less time writing and creating procedures – reduce your instruction authoring time and overall costs by 60%.

workers' engagement rate in warehouses

Workers’ Satisfaction Rate

Workers find training more engaging and stay longer in the company, leading to overall lower turnover rates.

Increased Safety

23% reduction in accidents owing to a better understanding of safety training, delivered in workers’ native language.

Training Record and Compliance

Track and document all your training and always be audit-ready – including all the digital signatures you need to make auditors happy.

Let’s Build Your Warehouse Dream Team Together

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No More Language Barrier
With auto-translations into 30 simplified languages, including English, Polish, Hindi, Arabic, etc., – train your workers in a language they understand.
Training Templates
Train and retrain in no time using hundreds of training course templates built specifically for the warehouse shop floor. No more stress, even during peak seasons.
Management Dashboard and Reports
One central knowledge hub for all your processes, policies, and more.
Multi-Language Video and Interactive Voice Control
Empower workers to simply watch the training as a short video on a tablet and interact with it as they progress.
Learning Confirmation Quiz
Short, fun quizzes at the end to ensure your staff has understood the training.
Digital Proof of Training
Stay on top of compliance issues by having your choice of signatures on paper or on screen. Confirming every single training in one place.
Easy to create and update content
Train using conversational videos without the hassle of cutting, syncing, etc.
Digital protocols enabling managers to detect faulty procedures and train the workforce instantly.

Here’s what our customers are saying.

“Working with such creative and enthusiastic people is a pure pleasure. For the team there are no impossible things and the pursuit of satisfying all business needs of the client is just priceless. Impossible things are done right away, miracles in two days :)”

Pawel Pawłowicz
Area Manager

“ has reformed our 'old-school' QM training by digitalizing 66 learning modules to date. Training our employees in their native language was especially helpful in peak times and was gratefully accepted by the employees! It saves our supervisors a lot of time, and it is a pleasure for us to train our employees and new colleagues with”

Arne Berg
Warehouse Manager

“ ensures a sustainable, interactive and above all standardized onboarding for all new employees. From day 1, we started in 3 languages. The competent and pleasant cooperation with the team amazes us every single time.”

André Stoffer
Lukasz Zakrzewski

“Extremely supportive, open minded professionals with huge willingness of making things happen according to deadlines. What I personally like about team, is their constant thinking ahead which in fact broaden future possibilities for the business. When it comes to the system itself, it is clear and easy to understand. Also, the fact that it can be adjust for every business needs, makes it even more interesting and helpful.”

Lukasz Zakrzewski
Senior Operations Manager
Volker Grzybowski

“With, we have found the right partner for scalable health and safety trainings, standards and efficiency gains across sites.”

Volker Grzybowski
Managing Director

Don’t just take our word for it.

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3 Easy Steps to Automated Training and Faster Operations

From worker onboarding to work instructions, puts your entire training process on autopilot while increasing safety and quality in the operations — and reducing costs and efforts at the same time.


Free Consultation

Book a consultation session with our training experts at no cost. In this call, we will discuss major challenges you’re facing and create a tailored solution for your site.


Kick off On-Site

Once you’re convinced that we’re the right partner in training for you, sign the contract and let us do the rest. We will visit you on site, document all your processes, policies, and more.


Go Live in 1 Week

Our training experts will create a tailored training process based on our best-practice templates you can adapt and extend anytime. We provide support until the very last worker on the shop floor has been trained and then a bit more.

Voila, you’re now ready to hire and train hundreds of workers at the same time
– in multiple languages for multiple jobs on the shop floor!

Resource – Ebook

Warehouse Operations Management

In this ebook, learn about warehouse workers’ training methods and how to bring your warehousing operations up to date in the industry 4.0 era.

Warehouse operations management ebook by

Ready to make your peak season feel like a walk in the park?

Implementing best-in-class shop floor training

Reducing ramp-up times and costs

Increasing productivity and standardizing quality